Our range of explosions equipment is approved according to the newest ATEX standards in the industry.


Explosion safety equipment from SBK A/S is approved to the following norms.

THE ATEX DIRECTIVE: 2014/34/EU (superseeded 94/9/EF pr. 19.04.2016)

Ex II GD EN 14491 (2012) / EN 14994 (2007) / EN 14797 (2006) / EN 1127.1 (2011)

EC type examination certificate: INERIS 15ATEX0001X

EC type examination certificate: INERIS 19ATEX0016X

Production quality assurance notification: INERIS 08ATEXQ406

  certificate flameless vq
  certificate vigiflap  
  certificate vigilex explosion panels certificate vigilex ehedg sanitary panels