Conveyor belts with cleats and
corrugated sidewalls

SBK A/S offers and calculates tailor-made conveyor
belts with cleats and corrugated sidewalls.


We also offer belts with Skantrack guide profiles. Please contact us for details. Our in-house technical department makes sure that you always obtain the best possible solution for your specific conveying needs.

We offer cold and hot vulcanised corrugated sidewalls, cleats and guide profiles, depending on the application.

SBK A/S offers a vertical belt concept (chute) which guarantees gentle and efficient transport of almost any type of bulk material. To eliminate
the difficulties often associated with multiple belt changes, we offer a solution which allows the same belt to switch from horizontal to vertical.

The concept comprises a cross rigid standard belt with flexible
corrugated sidewalls and transverse cleats, which create "compartments" between cleats along the belt length. Compartment dimensions vary depending on the size of the material conveyed and required belt capacity.

Naturally, we also offer conveyor belts fitted either only with corrugated sidewalls (e.g. weighing and dosing belts) or only with cleats (e.g. potato belts and magnetic separator belts).

Skanflex corrugated sidewalls, Skancleat cleats and Skancross standard belting are manufactured in wear-resistant black rubber. On request we can also provide oil- and fat-resistant, heat-resistant (100-150° C) or fire/flame-resistant belts.

We also offer textile-reinforced corrugated sidewalls and cleats.
Depending on the application, we also offer steel reinforced belts for
extra cross rigidity, which can also be used as "cover belts".

See tables.

The advantages of the SBK A/S vertical belt concept are:

• Capacity increased by up to four times compared to a conventional
  conveyor belt of the same belt width
• Space-saving solution – the belt can run at an angle of 90 degrees
  (i.e. vertically)
• Protects material from friction and impact
• Possible to change belt direction without switching to a new belt
• Innumerable combinations of standard belting, corrugated sidewalls and
   cleats – the sky is the limit


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Our range includes:

  Quality SKANCLEAT   Quality SKANFLEX   Quality SKANCROSS  

SKANCLEAT cleats are moulded for strength and rigidity. For use in lighter applications

we offer EKT extruded cleats (see table). Cleats from 110 mm can be supplied with textile reinforcement and cleats from 280 mm with steel reinforcement. Cleats from 280 mm can also be supplied as combi-cleats, i.e. the cleat is subdivided into a base/foot and blade.

We offer Skancleat cleats as separate loose profiles and as cold or hot vulcanised elements on the belt (depending on the application). Other sizes and designs, including heavy-duty block cleats, cleats attached to the belt with screws/bolts, etc., are available on request.

We recommend that the cleat is 10-15 mm lower than the corrugated sidewalls.

Skanflex corrugated sidewalls are available in heights from 40

to 600 mm. The sidewalls are extremely rigid in the transverse direction, which is significant for direct return support. In combination with lateral flexibility and strong resistance to wear-and-tear, the sidewalls are extremely wear-and impact-resistant, ensuring extended belt service life.

We offer Skanflex corrugated sidewalls as separate loose profiles and as cold or hot vulcanised elements on the belt (depending on the application).

Skancross conveyor belts are extremely rigid in the transverse direction. Transverse rigidity is secured by the unique belt design. Standard SBK cross-rigid belting is available with two separate cross-rigid textile members, which are integrated into the belt carcass and cover. The unique design enhances cross rigidity to produce belts that are ideal for use in heavy-duty applications. For lighter applications, we offer the so-called XEM belts, where cross rigidity is achieved by means of monofilament insertions woven into the belt carcass/textiles.

To withstand very heavy loads (where the rigidity in standard belting is insufficient), we offer a cross-rigid belt with special steel cord insertions in the transverse direction. The density and thickness of the steel cords are calculated in accordance with the specific task. These are named XE-SB belts. These are only available with moulded rubber edges.

For extremely heavy loads and very high elevation, we offer cross-rigid belting with special steel cord insertions in both the warp (lengthwise) and the weft (transverse). These belts are named XE-SC belts and are only available with moulded rubber edges. This type of belting has very low elongation (0.25% in the lengthwise direction). Fitting and assembly of steel cord belts must only be performed by specially trained staff using special tools.