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Skanply conveyor belts

SBK A/S offers a wide range of smooth conveyor belts manufactured by leading European manufactures acc. to DIN 22102

Skanply conveyor belts are available up to 3.000 mm width depending on the belt type. In addition:

  • Antistatic in according with EN ISO 284:2012

  • Low elongation

  • Detailed technical calculations and support

  • Large stock

  • Hot-vulcanised joints made on state-of-the-art vulcanizing presses up to 2600 mm belt width

  • Next-day delivery available when required

We offer heat-resistant belts which can withstand short-term material temperatures of up to 400° C, oil- and fat-resistant belts for conveying products containing, animal, vegetable or mineral oils and fats, and flame- and oil-resistant belts to convey e.g. grain, animal feed and fertilizer in accordance with the ATEX Directive. To convey food products, FDA food-approved belts are available in accordance with EC 1935/2004.

The qualities mentioned here are just some of many in our comprehensive range. No matter whether you are handling bulk products or general cargo, SBK A/S offers a tailor-made and financially profitable conveying system solution.

Skanply conveyor belts belts have an EP (polyester/polyamide) textile core. An EP textile has polyester in the warp and polyamide in the weft. This combination provides optimal benefits:

  • High impact-resistance

  • Low elongation

  • Impervious to microorganismes and moisture

In principle, we offer any rubber quality, although, in some cases, restrictions may apply due to manufacturers' minimum quantity requirements. Please contact us for details,o ther qualities, steel-reinforced belts, etc. are available on request.