PVC/PU/TPE belts

SBK A/S offers a full range of plastic conveyor
belts made in e.g  PVC, PU, TPE and Silicone.
We offer both smooth and topcover profiled belts.


We supply belts,  tailored to specific applications, e.g. with cleats, corrugated sidewalls and guide profiles, high/low friction, hot/cold, vacuum, oil- and fat-resistant, abrasion/cut-resistant, UV-resistant or antistatic/flame-resistant.

We also supply transmission and flat belts with a polyester or polyamide core and wear-resistant elastomer cover, round belts, V-belts in PU/PES, and toothed belts in a variety of materials, types and strengths with or without steel reinforcement and with or without PAZ (polyamide tooth facing) surface.

We offer standard belts and belts with special surfaces and endless woven
belts to meet every requirement.

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