Chevron belting

SBK A/S offers a full range of chevron belts
from selected European manufacturers.


A smooth conveyor belt can be used to convey material  up to an angle of about 22°, depending on the degree of friction between the material and
the belt. If the angle of inclination is steeper, a belt with angled cleats, also known as a chevron belt, must be used. SBK A/S offers a full range including chevrons that are 14, 15 mm, 16 mm, 25 mm and 32 mm in height. For special applications we also offer two types of chevrons  that are
50 mm high.

SBK A/S stock most types of chevron belting  standard wear-resistant quality. We also stock selected types in oil- and fat-resistant quality.

All SBK A/S standard chevron belts are manufactured in a single production process.

The cover and chevrons are vulcanized in the same process. Thus the belt top cover and chevron profiles are molded simultaneously, creating a uniform surface with fully integrated chevrons.
In addition to our standard types, we offer a comprehensive range of customized chevron belts.

Our range is very flexible. Any type of chevron can be vulcanized, on
almost any kind of base belt including cross-rigid XE belting, rip stop belting, as well as heat- and/or oil-resistant belting and bare back belts. Depending on the type of belt in question, we can supply belts up to 2400 mm wide alternatively with  two parallel rows of chevrons.

We can then subsequently vulcanize other profiles, e.g. corrugated sidewalls, edging or guide profiles, to the belts.

If you don't find precisely the type of chevron profile t you are looking for, contact our sales team. At a relatively modest price, we can tailor angled cleats to meet your specific needs.

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